Mediation Services

Just as every litigant is entitled to representation, every case is entitled to resolution.  Unfortunately, resolution through the modern court system can often take an inordinate amount of time and nearly always comes at a perilous cost.  The State of North Carolina formally recognized this reality in 1995 when it mandated a statewide framework for participation in a Mediated Settlement Conference for civil actions filed in Superior Court.  The statistics that have followed are undeniable – Mediation works.  When properly conducted, the Mediated Settlement Conference provides the parties an opportunity to: (1) resolve the dispute quickly and efficiently; (2) remove the uncertainty of a verdict issued by a judge or jury; (3) save the considerable burden and expense of trial and trial preparation; and (4) craft practical, case specific remedies that may not be available under the strict confines of resolution at trial.

Selecting the right Mediator for a civil action is an essential component of maximizing the benefits of Mediation and retaining an experienced guide though this beneficial process can make all the difference.  As a practicing attorney, Mr. Tedrick has represented clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies to individual litigants and understands the wide range of motivations and goals of litigants.  With well over a decade of experience as both a Mediator and Arbitrator, Mr. Tedrick has served as a trusted neutral for hundreds cases.  While not all cases settle at Mediation, Mr. Tedrick strives utilize all of his experience and training to exhaust every creative avenue to find not only a path to resolution to the claims at issue, but a path that provides security and finality for all involved.

Mr. Tedrick has been called on to Mediated most every variety of civil litigation with a focus on the following:

  • Construction Law

  • General Corporate Litigation

  • Insurance Disputes

  • Product Liability

  • Real Estate Disputes

  • Unfair Competition

  • Business torts/unfair competition

  • Employment Law

  • Unfair Trade Practices

  • Lender Liability

To designate Mr. Tedrick in a Superior Court Action, please use the following form:

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